Outstanding standards of healthcare

General Healthcare

General Healthcare services in Ukraine

Our parter clinic is providing outstanding standards of primary, secondary and urgent health care to the population of Ukraine as well as to the foreign patients. We respect universal rules of patient’s care, adopted of world leading medical institutions: professionalism, transparency, openness, honesty, adherence to medical standards and prioritization of individual needs of each patient and their loved ones.

We rapidly implement world’s best clinical practices and commit to permanent investments into cutting-edge technology and into developing skills and capabilities of our clinicians.

Our objective is to create multi-disciplinary teams of specialists for various complexity medical treatments by forming special functional units - centers where specialists of different fields are concentrated in order to achieve a better result.

You’ll love the way we care for you.


  • General Health Check-up $200
  • MRI/CT scan $65
  • Stroke Rehabilitation Program (14 days) $1800
  • Radiation Therapy (1 session) $90

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